Employee motivation and development is essential. Unfortunately, we often by-pass this. Are you familiar with that?


A short success story!

The following actually happened and is common for many:

A large retailer noticed that customer satisfaction and sales were steadily declining, while absenteeism among employees was above average. An internal investigation concluded that unmotivated employees saw the customer as a “disruptive factor”. It was clear action was needed!

Andrea Heitmann was asked to design and deliver a program focusing on "The customer as a guest". She subsequently conducted in-house training and coaching sessions with numerous client facing employees, over a period of three months. The success exceeded all expectations! Employees and supervisors adopted a completely new attitude towards their customers and absence levels noticeably reduced. Customer satisfaction rose sharply and sales started to increase again.

Imagine, your success story being high-lighted here!

Optimized customer orientation through targeted training

Tailored to your requirements, you will receive a developed concept that considers the specific needs of your company and developing your employees to the extent they conduct their work activities in a highly motivated manner.

Training may include one (or more) of these core areas:

  • Language & Communication
  • Telephone skills
  • Customer Service

From covering the basics, to premium learning solutions, I offer you the whole range.

Look forward to loyal clientele!


Communication is more than just talking

"Do you want to gain confidence in speaking to clients and in front of groups, and to be able to successfully lead a conversation?
Increase your communication skills, learn to listen actively, to understand non-verbal communication, as well as to ensure your message is heard.""


Your customers “will make ears”

Body language on the phone? Critical!
Resolve conflicts on the phone?
Easy with the right techniques.
Use conversation guides?
Yes – authentic and individual.


Please smile!

Develop your existing client-base to become champions of your company, and win enthusiastic new customers. Excellent customer service is the bread and butter of any successful business and simply enables you to lead your sales to the road to success. And when you smile, the customer smiles as well.

What my clients say