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Customer Service - Telephone

Tailor-made telephone training can include (but is not limited to) the following:

Your companies business card

The phone is still the first or second contact channel to the customer. How can you make sure that the phone contact creates a positive mood and loyal customer, and that he does not switch to your competitors, afterwards.

Characteristics of customer service on the phone

Thinking that non-verbal communication when on the phone doesn`t matter is a fatal mistake. Learn how to optimize your body language for phone communication and improve your impact on the course of the conversation.

Positive language

“Unfortunately, my colleague is not in today.” We tend to express things in a negative way, quite automatically, although it is so easy to create a positive atmosphere with a positive choice of words. How about: “My colleague is happy to call you back at 9 am tomorrow morning.”?

Conflict resolution on the phone made easy

Dealing with conflicts on the phone is particularly tricky. They escalate much faster and with unpleasant outcome. With the right techniques, conflicts on the phone can be a breeze. Find out how.


Even on the phone, a smile says more than thousand words. The effect on the conversation atmosphere, the trust and the credibility are considerable. Try it:

Laugh More As Others!

Valuable conversation strategies

There is not “the” conversation guide. But likewise with flying, it’s worth having a plan for all imaginable situations in customer service as well. Each participant uses his or her strengths to design the version that suits them. Individual, authentic and promising.

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